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Young horses
Preventative Medicine

Most of us need a general check up every once in awhile.  With horses we recommend annual vaccines and a basic exam.  This is a time for us to discuss any questions you have and optimize your animals health!

Blood Test and lab work
Laboratory Services

Routine and specialized lab services are offered.  We happily provide Coggins, geriatric screening, parasite evaluations, and other more case specific laboratory testing.

Broken Horse Incisor Tooth

Dental work for horses typically consists of an annual exam and "float."  For most horses this is a removal of sharp enamel points that can traumatize the cheeks and tongue.  Occasionally, larger dental overgrowth, waves or other issues need to be managed as well.  A healthy mouth means happier work in the bridle and comfort when eating!

We offer power and hand floats as well as basic extractions and examination.

Horse Legs
Sports Medicine

Managing our equine athletes and companions often means managing lameness issues.  We offer comprehensive evaluations and care tailored to your preferences and needs.  This may include flexion examination, diagnostic nerve blocks, radiographs, ultrasound or more.  

By spending time identifying the underlying issue we can create an optimized management plan for you!

Taking an xray
Radiography and Ultrasound

We offer high quality digital radiography as well as digital ultrasonography.  These tools are utilized to help us make the most accurate diagnoses we can in sports medicine, colic, pneumonia and many other situations!  

Horse eye
Internal Medicine

No matter if your needs cover ophthalmology, dermatology, oncology, gastroenterology or any other mysterious -ology, we wear the right hat for the job!  

Emergency and Critical Care

We are happy to provide emergency care as needed for our established clients. We know that horses do not always choose the most opportune times to become ill, colicky or run into a sharp object and we will be there when you need us. 

Mares and foals
Reproductive Services

We are happy to work with our clients utilizing fresh semen, chilled or frozen semen.  We also can provide pre-breeding diagnostics and help guide you through the process of breeding your mare, be it for the first time or as a farm management program.  

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